1 The Customs House Newcastle

4 Boscombe Dorset

7/8 Cardiff Glee

11 Southampton

14 Canterbury

20/21/22 Birmingham Glee

27 Chelmsford

28/29 Komedia Brighton


7 Coventry then onto Bilston Town FC

12 Northampton

13/14 Nottingham Glee

20/21 Headliners Chiswick

27 Camberley

29 London Stone, Staines


2 East Grinstead

3 Caterham

17 Princess Theatre, Burnham  on Sea

18 Tunbridge Wells















the raymond and mr timpkins revue

Lightning fast choreography meets uber swift editing in a fantasmagorical collision of quality entertainment. An overload of velvet, sandals and multi-hued wool provides a startling accompaniment, the whole effect being that of a slim man and a fat man putting their bums in your face.