This is Radio Poo

This is


Dear listener...

raymond and Mr Timpkins have been self-isolating in their remote Cotswolds caravan for 10 days now with only boiled cabbage and baked beans for sustenance.

To pass the time, Mr Timpkins has been recording a lot of BBC Radio 4 content on his Amstrad cassette recorder whilst raymond has, simultaneously, been expelling intestinal gas through his anus with succinct comic timing.

The consequences are both horrific and noteworthy*.

Listen for yourself and, if you can spare it, please guff into a hermetically sealed container and post it to them for future content.

Thank you.

* if you enjoy both BBC Radio 4 and fetid trouser trumpets

the raymond and mr timpkins revue

Lightning fast choreography meets uber swift editing in a fantasmagorical collision of quality entertainment. An overload of velvet, sandals and multi-hued wool provides a startling accompaniment, the whole effect being that of a slim man and a fat man putting their bums in your face.